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    Access Help

    I have 150 tables in an Access 2000 database. I need to transfer all tables into a delimited txt file and import it into and Informix database. How should I go about this? Since there are so many tables and I don't want to manually to it 150 times, do I need to write some code in Macros to do this?? Any help would be very appreciated.

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    Re: Access Help

    Do this code:

    Public Sub DumpTablesAsText
    #if A2K then
    dim t as dao.tabldef, db as dao.database
    dim t as tabledef, db as database
    const HdrRow as boolean = true
    set db = currentdb
    for each t in db.tabldefs
    if left(,4) <> "Msys" and left(,4) <> "Usys" then
    DoCmd.transferText acExportDelim, ,, "C:" & & ".txt", HdrRow
    end if
    next t
    end sub

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