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    email merge with Access (Office 2000)

    I working on an email merge using Access 2000 and Word 2000. I'm having a couple of problems I hope you can help me sort out.

    1) If I use a query that's pulling it's criteria from a form, I get parameter pops with the reference to the form's text boxes. I've tested the query using a preview command button on the form, and it's returning the right data. But, regardless if I have the form open, the form open and the query in preview, or just the query open, I still get "parameterized." Don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    2) If I enter the actual criteria instead of using parameters the merge works great until I get to "send". Then it pops up a Check Names dialog box with the message no names in Outlook. I've tried this on several different machines and getting the same result on each.

    I've been scouring the net and everyone's directions are the same and no one has given any indication of either of these two problems. So I am so so stuck and I need to send a 300 email merge in about 8-12 hours! Eeek!

    I'm triple posting this in Access, Outlook and Word with the hope that I'm tapping into different expertise and it might be a composite problem. Thanks for any assistance. It is gratefully accepted!


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    Re: email merge with Access (Office 2000)

    To avoid duplication, please post all replies in the Access thread <post#=374646>post 374646</post#>. This thread will be locked. Thank you.

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