Hi all, I back again with another problem. I have been trying to download and install Mother Board Monitor 5 and seem to be running into a problem with it. I have gone to the sites listed in Google and download MBM 5. Then installed it. But when it appears next to the time in the lower right of my desktop I get two small black boxes with the temp of the CPU in one of them in red and in the other black box there is nothing where it is supposed to be reading the case temp. I checked my mother board assuming that one of the sensors was bad by installing the mother board monitor that came with the mother board and that tells me everything is being monitored. I would keep the mother board monitor that came with my board but would rather not because it makes the CPU run at 100% all the time. I have un-installed Mother Board Monitor 5 and re-installed it over and over again with the same results. I know what it should look like when it is right because I had it in my PC before I reformatted. Can someone help me with this problem? Please reply.