Anybody know of a utility that would allow me to work somewhat like this:
1) I go to a msg. board or newspaper site (to cite just 2 examples)
2) I scan down the lists of offered links on msg. threads or news items, clicking on each item of interest - but instead of opening, each link is clipboarded by the utility. When I've been to all the boards and newspapers I visit every day, the utility then lets me look at the full list of the links I've ticked for opening, so that I can remove some of them if the count for the day is getting too high. That means that a URL balloon would be needed, to remind me of the site and link title as I pass my cursor over each link in the list.
3) The utility would then use Task Scheduler to open IE 5 for me - I always run with WebWasher - automatically open each link in turn, grab the [text] contents and park them for me in a daily file, to be read later.
It would be a huge time saver for me. Is there already something out there that'll do it for me?