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    How do I use ASK?

    I'm trying to create a WORD template which prompts for information when the document based on the template is opened. I know I can use the FILLIN field for this. However, I also want to use this information again later on in the document and I believe I can use the ASK field for this but I can't get the ASK command to prompt me. Does anybody know how to use the ASK command?


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    Re: How do I use ASK?

    I assume you mean the Ask MailMerge field?

    If so, when you select Insert, Field, Mail Merge, Ask, you will see just below the two list boxes the syntax needed: ASK Bookmark "Prompt" [Switches].

    The Bookmark and "Prompt" are both required. Switches are optional.

    So, if you want to use the ASK to find out someone's mother's name, in the textbox on the Field dialog box (where "ASK" is already typed), you would end up with something like this: ASK mothername "What is your mother's name?"

    Then whereever you want the response, use the REF field with "mothername" as the bookmark, i.e., REF mothername.

    You can scatter the REF throughout your document. Then just update the fields and all is well.

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    Re: How do I use ASK?


    You may want to download and explore the following tutorials:
    ASK field tutorial and UserForm tutorial at
    (<A target="_blank" HREF=>
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