Before going to bed in the wee hours of the morning of May 13, I updated my Symantec Virus files, as I run a full disk scan at 3 am weekly that night. I also ran a daily incremental backup to an Iomega 120GB hard drive at 5:30 am. [My main drive is two 250 GB drives connected in a RAID-0 configuration.] When I woke up I found that some files were corrupted, both data and system. On a later reboot, Win XP invoked CHKDSK which destroyed many data files and some more system files. Nothing I could try would help at this point. However, subsequent tests using PCDOCTOR and Gateway's GESCAN found no disk (nor motherboard or system) problems.
A friend recently told me that he saw an article on the web that Symantec had made a faulty update which was soon corrected. [My other three PC handled the update properly.] However, I can find nothing about this on the Symantec site or other places I've looked. Can anyone confirm this? [BTW: The CHKDSK run also disabled Symantec Antivirus 2004, and it was very difficult to remove and reinstall. After complete removal (following Symantec's instructions), reinstall, and running Live Update, the Symantec installation check available on the web still said that there were problems, but there are no other clues that this may be true.]
I would like to insure that there are not systemic hardware or BIOS difficulties before the 2-week project of rebuilding this system. Any ideas would be welcomed.