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    Paste comment into a cell?

    I added a lot of comments (Insert / Comment) to a spreadsheet, and now I want to make a separate column that contains the comment text. It's a one-time conversion so it doesn't have to be fancy.

    I thought I could do Insert / EditComment, copy the comment text to the clipboard, and paste it into a cell. But every return in the comment text moves the pasting destination to the next cell.

    I tried Paste Special but it's no better.

    I figure I'm not the first one who's tried to do this so I might as well ask, eh?


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    Re: Paste comment into a cell?

    I suppose the comments are scattered without any particular order, but if you are prepared to use VBA you could use something like :

    Range("A1").Value = Range("D1").Comment.Text

    which will place the contens of a comment box attached to D1 in A1, including carriage returns. For best display you would need word wrap set to on.

    Hope that can help you.

    Andrew C

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