I'm using FP2002 to manage a site with many subwebs. Suddenly, a few weeks ago, FrontPage started adding any subweb I publish to My Network places.

I keep many subwebs I commonly use in My Network Places, which I have display in the FP "Open web" dialogue. I've always had entries like this:

HR on developmentsitename

Lately, if I publish the HR subweb (as an example, it does it with all of them), the following will appear in My Network Places the next time I choose "Open web":

HR on developmentsitename
HR on productionsitename

This keeps piling up subwebs in My Network Places and it did not always do this, only recently. Highly annoying. We don't author directly on the production server and this is causing pointless clutter.

Is there some setting that somehow got turned on?