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    extracting data from word (2000)

    I am told that if you create a table in word and assign it a bookmark then you can extract the information into excel without opening the file.

    We hold some purchase orders as word docs and some in excel docs from which I wish to extract information automatically, preferably without opening the files.

    I would like to write a word macro which creates small tables at the bottom of the various orders in which we can summarise the invoice values received against that order. I would then like to extract both the order value and the values of invoices received against the order and put this data into excel, so as to work out the outstanding position.

    I also need to do the above with excel.

    Can you please let me have your best advice.

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    Re: extracting data from word (2000)

    You can put links in Office documents to parts of other documents. The interactive way to do this is by copy from the source document, then paste special as a link into the target document. The result of pasting a link to a Word document in an Excel workbook is a formula of the form
    <pre>=Word.Document.8|'C:WordMyDocument.doc'!'!MyB ookmark'

    If you didn't select an existing bookmark, Word will create one with a name such as OLE_LINK1, OLE_LINK2 etc.

    You can create links to cells in other Excel workbooks by copy and paste special too, or by creating a formula of the form:


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