I'm a longtime HPC user, first on a Cassopiea A11 and then a Jornada 680. Unfortunately my 680 is on the blink and my work is going to replace it with a iPaq 4350 (at least it has a keyboard <g>).

I have a need to have what is essentially an inventory database (supplier, make, model, etc) in the field. On my Jornada I have been using the imbeded PocketAccess app but it is not that brilliant because of its limited SQL set. You can only use "like sting%" and not "like %string%" where "%" is the wildcard.

My IT section has suggested Pocket Access Database Manager by Werner Suttner http://tinyurl.com/2or59 but I wonder how limited this is. Especially the SQL limitations.

I fancy either SprintDBPro http://www.kaione.com/ which, like the above, appears to be a front end to the native .CDB tables, albeit with a much more powerful interface.

Or the other app I'm looking at is HanDBase http://www.ddhsoftware.com/ which appears to have a lot of good write-ups.

SyWare and SQL for WindowsCE appear to my mind to be too big/complicated/pricey.

I would appreciate any comments especially from anyone who has tried the Pocket Access Database Manager.