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    SU0168 Error on reinstall

    A few days ago, I got a message on boot-up which said "Windows needs VMM32.XD to start. You may have to reinstall Windows." After doing some research, and in the attempt not to lose any data, I attempted to reinstall Windows 98 from the OEM CD that came with the computer. That is, I want to install it over the current copy inorder to replace the corrupted file. Unfortunately, when I attempt to do this I get error message SU0168 about not being able to install Windows. Is there any solution (not too complicated) that would help save my data?

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    Re: SU0168 Error on reinstall

    Take a look here first and here if you need more background info (but this is more fore upgrades to Win 95 from Win 3.1).

    Follow the instructions carefully and as always, backup your data BEFORE you begin the process. HTH.
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