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    Exporting Calendar (2000/SR1) (2000/SR1)

    Is there anyway to export a blank Calendar by month page (example - 6/1/04 to 6/30/04) into Excel while retaining the formatting? I have tried going through the Import /Export Wizard which nets a result of data and tried saving it as a webpage which gets me a file folder full of images (I've attached that in case anyone wants to see them). Already tried the Web Archiver that Microsoft offers but it didn't retain the formatting correctly.

    All I really want to do is email a calendar page to various individuals to fill out on their computer and email back. I can even live with an individual HTML file that I can convert to PDF if that's possible....

    Thanks much.

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    Re: Exporting Calendar (2000/SR1) (2000/SR1)

    Also posted in Outlook. Please don't crosspost. This thread will be locked to prevent duplication. All replies to <post#=376266>post 376266</post#>, please.

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