Our users use Outlook 97 for email. When they receive particular emails with a jpeg attachment, and double click on it, the association is not recognized. In the dialog box for the rejection, the files appear to have a .bin appended to the file name, for example Cypher.jpeg.bin. However, if the email is forwarded to me it opens fine. But I'm using Outlook 2000.

The users are able to open some jpeg files. Norton Antivirus is updated as often as new definitions are released and runs against emails automatically.

If I save the jpeg file on the user's machine to a floppy and take it to my machine and try to open it by double clicking on it or using Photo Editor or NT Imaginer, the file format is not recognized. HOWEVER, if I attach the file to an email and send it to myself, I can open the file when it arrives!

I can't figure how the