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    Windows Media Player

    I am running windows xp in the office on a WAN. Our network security is such that we have a filter in place that blocks access to the website that Windows Media Player goes to to get album information. I have recorded music on my harddrive and then renamed each album through Windows Explorer (because it gets recorded as "Unknown"). However, when I open media player, it still displays these recordings as "unknown". My question is, is there a way to rename these unknown albums within media player so that I can then organize them properly?

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    Re: Windows Media Player

    There are several ways to do it. The most common way is to edit your playlist. In Windows Media Player, choose Edit Current Playlist from File menu, then right-click each title on the playlist (on the right pane) and from pop-up menu choose Edit.

    If you save your music files in MP3 format, you can add information to each file. To do so, in Windows Explorer right-click MP3 file and from pop-up menu choose Properties, then Summary tab, then Advanced button. Click on blank space in Value column next to each Property (Artist, Album Title, Year, Track Number etc) and type the text you want. Media Player will automatically read this information.

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