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    Just downloaded a list of customers from the net. It consists of names, addresses, facility name, zip code ....
    How can I put these into 5 columns under the headers, "names", "addresses", "zip codes" and so on. My space and tab keys will wear out before I get this job done!!

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    Re: columns

    Are the different categories delimited in any way, for example separated by tabs or commas? - if so, you should be able to use Convert Text to Table.

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    Re: columns

    And if there isn't a good delimiter, use Find & Replace.
    1. Select everything.
    2. Chop off spaces at the beginning of each line (hold down the Alt key & click & drag to select a column OR click where you want to start & press Ctrl+Shift+F8, then use the arrow keys to select the column of spaces, then press Delete)
    3. If spaces separate these fields, convert, say, 3 or more spaces to a tab.
    a. Press Ctrl+H to bring up the replace dialog box & choose more.
    b. Select "use wildcards".
    c. Find: <space>{3,} where <space> = spacebar
    d. Replace: ^t this is the tab character
    e. Replace all
    4. Now you can go to Table/convert text to table & use tab as a delimiter.

    If you want, go to my shared files on Driveway & download my which contains a template with macros for making a table.

    <A HREF="
    Driveway Shared WordTips" target="_blank">
    Driveway Shared WordTips</A>

    Note that this may wrap.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: columns

    No, gosh darn it the columns aren't separated by anything but space. I will try the ideas suggested and let you know. Thanks a lot.

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