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    Briefcase not synching avter re-image (XP SP-1)

    A user called saying he cannot synch his laptop with his Personal share drive once his laptop was re-imaged.

    He gets the error: "Some files in the breifcase have sync copies that are inaccessible. These files will not be updated until the sync copies are accessible from this computer."

    Does this mean he has files on the SHARE drive that is not on the laptop? Should I just have him copy any missing fils from SHARE to Laptop and vicsa versa so they are totally equal?



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    Re: Briefcase not synching avter re-image (XP SP-1)

    Make sure that the share has been mapped to exactly the same server name, share name and drive letter. If this doesn't fix it then you have a corrupt briefcase, for which the only fix is to manually copy any files from the briefcase to the network share (if the most recent file is in the briefcase). Then delete the briefcase and recreate it.

    Has your user considered using offline files. These can be easier than briefcases and are less prone to breaking - but they do behave a bit differently and may not suit their way of working.


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