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    CSS Styles - custom (2k)

    I have created a td style so that all cells will default to top left. However I have a text navigation bar which is put in using the include page feature as a header. I want those cells to default to the bottom of the cell (to balance up my logo).

    Though I have formatted them accordingly on the page to be included - when viewed from any page I include them on is showing them as aligned to the top.

    Can I define more than one td style? (I dont really want to use th as I want to use this elsewhere)

    Many thanks


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    Re: CSS Styles - custom (2k)

    <hr>Can I define more than one td style?<hr>
    Yes, you can define a class selector and use the SPAN and DIV tags to apply it in your document. A class selector defines an style that applies to elements belonging to a specific class. For example: <pre>DIV.highlight {color: yellow}</pre>

    would apply to all DIV elements that have the class highlight. That is, <code>DIV class="highlight"</code>.

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