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    Upgrading from OL 97 to OL 2003 (97 & 2003)

    I finally convinced my wife to replace her computer. We moved from Win 98 & Office 97 (OL97/98) to Win XP Home & Office 2003 pro.

    I installed the new computer on our home network to facilitate moving her data. Everything works okay but Outlook. I copied her old Outlook.pst (from the OL97 machine) to the new computer and tried to import it into OL2003. I got a msg saying I couldn't do it. So.... I found the newly created pst file (from OL2003), deleted it, and replaced it with the 97 pst file.

    I don't think that was very smart because now, when in OL2003, I see two personal files and when i try to compose an email and click on the "To:" button, my addresses/contacts do not appear.

    How shall i correct this? I still have my 97 pst file intact.

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    Re: Upgrading from OL 97 to OL 2003 (97 & 2003)

    Similar to this thread. Please click through and post replies over there.

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