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    Need help with InfoPath and Access (InfoPath and Access 2003)

    I got InfoPath with a complimentary Office 2003 Pro. CD that Microsoft sent me and figured I'd try to put it to good use. I want to set up a form so that user's can input information, and it will dump that data into a MS Database. However, I'm running into some issues and thought I'd see if anyone out there knew what they were doing in the program. Any help would be appreciated. I also posted this in the General Office forum (just in case you thought you were seeing double). Thanks - Sat.

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    Re: Need help with InfoPath and Access (InfoPath and Access 2003)

    Thanks for pointing out the double post. To keep the discussion focused, please post all replies in the <!post=other thread,377741>other thread<!/post>. This one will be locked to avoid duplication.

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