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    Running Macro in background (Office 2k)

    I have a large spreadsheet with a macro which takes some time to execute. I would like to leave it running, pop acros to do something different like read emails, then return to it ater. As far as I can tell, the macro stops running as soon as the focus leaves rather than continues running in the background.

    Is this what normally happens? Are there any non-techie tricks I can pull to keep the thing running?


    Mike C

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    Re: Running Macro in background (Office 2k)

    A macro should continue running, although slightly more slowly, while you work in other applications. Of course, it will pause if it expects user interaction (clicking a button in a message box or input box.) How much slower a macro will run in the background depends on system settings, available memory etc. If your system is low on resources, background processes might seem to come to a virtual standstill.

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