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    Weird XP problem - programs not launching (XP Pro / SP1)

    Hi all,

    Not sure if this has come up before but I've been experiencing a very weird effect. For a while my laptop was ok, then suddenly for no apparent reason would not open new programs (pointer + timer comes up......wait...then goes back to the plain pointer), my desktop machine was fine then it started to do the same thing about a week ago. I rolled back my laptop XP Pro to a few weeks ago and, cross fingers, it seems to be ok at the moment. I'm (relatively) safe behind my hardware and software firewalls and I always have an updated Mcafee anti-virus running so I'm not concerned about an infection.

    The only way to bring the machines back to life is a control-alt-delete to bring up the task manager, then all the stuff I tried to open suddenly opens up and springs to life. From that point on all programs open and close sucessfully.

    Is this is a known problem? It confuses the hell out of me to be honest!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    PS Oh and hello from the UK, btw....sorry new to this forum but very glad to find a group of knowledgable people around <img src=/S/brainwash.gif border=0 alt=brainwash width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Weird XP problem - programs not launching (XP Pro / SP1)

    I have certainly seen this happen occassionally.

    When it happens to me it usually seems to be caused by Explorer waiting for a response on the network, it's almost as though it can't start something different till it has had a esponse to its last effort.

    StuartR (also in <img src=/S/flags/UK.gif border=0 alt=UK width=30 height=18>)

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