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    Word hides the document (Word 97)


    This is the scenario:
    <UL><LI>I have a document open in Word. The document contains a hyperlink to a web page.
    <LI>I click the link, and am taken to the web page (in the browser).
    <LI>If I Alt+Tab back to Word, my document has disappeared. However, I know it's only hidden, because if I now go to Window Explorer and reopen the document, Word ask me do I want to "revert to the saved version".[/list]I can also make the document reappear in Word by clicking the Back button (you get thrown back into Word, with the document now visible). However, this isn't always convenient.

    I'm presuming that when you click the hyperlink, Word gives the document an attribute of Hidden (or something similar). But there doesn't appear to be a Hidden property for Document objects. So, maybe my guess is wrong.

    What I want to do, is either:
    <UL><LI>Find a way of stopping the document from hiding; or
    <LI>Create a macro that makes the document visible.[/list]Any ideas?


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    Re: Word hides the document (Word 97)

    I'm using Word 2002 now, and I can't remember my experience with Word 97. When I click a hyperlink in Word 2002, a new browser window opens in front of Word, and I can Alt+Tab back to Word; they behave independently.

    If there is a configuration option for this in Word, I don't see it.

    One thing to check: make sure the "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts" checkbox is cleared in IE's Tools>Internet Options...>Advanced tab.

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