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    Mozilla error msgs. (Mozilla 1.5)

    Frequently when I first open the Mozilla Browser I get an error message to the effect " Mozilla has encountered a problem and must shut down". I click OK and reopen the browser and all is well. This same problem was happening ALL THE TIME with Netscape 4.76 and that was one of the reasons I made the switch to Mozilla. Can someone PLEASE tell me WHY and what I can do about it? Thanx very much.

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    Re: Mozilla error msgs. (Mozilla 1.5)

    Did you "clean install" Mozilla? By that I mean, un-install the old Netscape and blow away any residual Netscape directories? If you simply installed Mozilla and let it go to where Netscape had been previously installed, you might have something corrupt in a user profile, or who knows what. You should clean house before installing a new product like Mozilla.

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