Outlook's help file says that free/busy information can be published in an intranet folder using the following syntax:
where "public" is, presumably, the name of the shared folder containing the file, and "name" is the user's email username. I also checked "Maximizing Outlook 2000," which gives essentially the same syntax, with the inclusion of a drive letter, as follows: "file://OurServer/c/ifb/name.vfb," where "ifb" is the name of the folder on the c drive. The text goes on to say, "Once set up this way, Outlook will publish free/busy information automatically to the specified location.

I have tried every variation of the syntax I can think of, trying to save the file on the home computer, and when that didn't work, on one of the other computers on the intranet. No luck whatsoever in creating anything like a vfb file. I tried searching this forum and found some related posts, but nothing that helps. Is this an Outlook "feature" that simply doesn't work as documented, or am I doing something wrong?