Just passing along the benefit of 3 hours wasted on a file conversion.

I had used a MakeTable query to import an Excel spreadsheet into Access2000. In trying to do an append query based on this new table, I kept getting one of the "Not all records will be added" messages, due to "Validation Errors". I checked each field in the destination table for validation rules (there were none), then matched properties between each set of fields in the source and destination; that is, checked that Field Types were the same, Required settings were the same, "Allow Zero Length Strings" were the same, etc.

As it turns out, it was the "Allow Zero Length Strings" that was causing the problem! In the table created by the Make Table query, these strings were actually Zero Length, even though the property settings were NO! As a test, I changed that property setting for 1 field to Yes, then tried to change it back to No and it wouldn't let me! I had to write a little routine to check each Text field for a blank, and change it to Null. Strange thing, I had done the same thing on a very similar spreadsheet just 2 days before, and did not have this problem. Very frustrating.

Just one of those little tidbits of information you can keep in the back of your mind.