Hi All,

I have had it. I am tired of the anemic capabilities of the built-in Search facility in Windows. I am using XP right now but I have another machine running 2000. So my request is for both, altho my usage is mostly XP.

I'm looking for a search feature that at least does the following:
- I'd like the feature to remember the folders I've search in the past so I don't have to browse again and dig to China
- I noticed that the current XP search doesn't even remember the terms I've searched for in the current "session". I thought I recalled that previous versions at least did this much. They had a drop-down box. Now it appears that XP may match your term based on the letters you type in the search box. But I'd like a drop down to see what items I've searched for in the current session (or even past sessions)
- if I enter multiple words like "find replace", I'd like it to find files that have both words in the name, not either (of course, if I want either, I should be able to do that too)
- I'd like to be able to save the search definition. Altho it seems like I can do this, what I have found in the past (seems to be fixed in XP) is that if I save a search starting with a particular folder and I used the search engine from the menu for a different folder, the saved search forgets the folder when it was saved and picks up the last used folder when invoked from the menu

Any thoughts on favorite search engines?