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    Vlookup update doesn't update in worksheet (2000 SP5)

    I have a friend with about 15 workbooks calculating data pulled from another workbook that has a vlookup table. When he adds data to the vlookup table, the calculations in the worksheets don't update to include the new information. He said he has selected an extra 10 cells below the existing data in the lookup table so he said the new data is always included in the range. I'm having this conversation with him long distance, so I can't see the workbooks. It sounds to me like the worksheets aren't recalculating right. He said he can go into the worksheets and redefine the lookup range and that works, but he has to do this 15 times and it's a hassle. Any ideas?


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    Re: Vlookup update doesn't update in worksheet (2000 SP5)

    Perhaps a dynamic lookup range is the ticket for your friend. See <post#=140157>post 140157</post#> for an example, and Dynamic Ranges on chip Pearson's website for more info.

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