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    Printing Problem? (2003)


    When trying to Print preview/Print an Excel table, I noticed only part of it comes in the Preview.

    Then I saw these dashed lines before & after the table.
    I guess they are the cause of this.

    1. What are they?
    2. How can I switch on/off their viewing?
    3. How can I get rid of them?

    Thanks WOPRs.


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    Re: Printing Problem? (2003)

    The dashed line is either a "hard" page break, or the boundary of the Print Area. There are also automatic page breaks; they are shown as dashed lines with smaller dashes.

    You can toggle the display of page breaks in the View tab of Tools | Options..., but Excel will redisplay them after a print/print preview.

    If the dashed line is part of the boundary of the Print Area, you can remove it by selecting File | Print Area | Clear Print Area. If this does not remove the line, it is a hard page break.

    To remove a horizontal hard page break, click in a cell immediately below the dashed line, and select Insert | Remove Page Break. (For a vertical page break, you would click in a cell immediately to the right of the dashed line.)
    You can't remove automatic page breaks.

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