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    Track changes: 'Author' designation (2002 / 2003)

    I'm confused about what happens to the designation of the author of a change/comment in a document. Initially, when I make a change or add a comment, hovering my cursor over the change/comment shows my name as the author of the change/comment. But at some point, maybe only after I send the document to someone else for futher editing and then get it back (not sure), Word eliminates my name and just says "Author." So after two or three folks have edited and made comments you can't tell who made what change or what comment.

    Is this a bug, or is there some setting I'm not using correctly?

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    Re: Track changes: 'Author' designation (2002 / 2003)

    I see this occasionally in our mixed Word 2000/Word 2002 environment, but with "Unknown" rather than "Author." I think there's a privacy feature kicking in somewhere along the line that scrubs the details out, but I haven't tried to track it down.

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    Re: Track changes: 'Author' designation (2002 / 2003)

    There is a security setting that will remove the following personal information from your document:

    ----File properties: Author, Manager, Company, Last saved by.
    ----Names associated with comments or tracked changes: names are changed to "Author".
    ----Routing slip: The routing slip is removed.
    ----The e-mail message header that's generated with the E-mail button is removed.
    ----Versioning: The name under Saved by is changed to "Author

    To turn this off, Try this:

    ----Open a document where this problem is occuring
    ----Go to Tools | Options | Security Tab and uncheck "Remove Personal information from this file on save"
    ----Click OK
    ----Make a change in the document and save it
    ----Close the document
    ----Close Word
    ----Reopen the document and the change should have the correct author information.

    This seems to be a "Document" based setting, so you may need to turn this off for each document. I haven't been able to confirm that yet, though.

    I hope this help!

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