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Thread: Citibank

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    Got this just now, another phishing scam. Interestingly, Outlook 2003 identified it as Junk Mail but lets the picture through because the figured out how to bypass O2003's picture blocking...

    Needless to say, the obfuscated link underlying the image takes you nowhere near a bank's web site. NO bank emails their customers asking them to update their records, so, never click on any links, just delete the emails.
    Cheers, Claude.

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    Re: Citibank

    I received something of the sort in my email one day, used Mailwasher to 'view' it without launching any of the images in the message. The link that it wanted me to follow was to an anonymous IP address -- followed by the bank's name. Just for fun, I turned my security on 'high' and followed the link anyways. The page had every look of an authentic bank page, and doing a 'View Source' showed why: all the 'bank' graphics displayed on the page were being pulled straight from the bank's own web server. Corporate logos, FDIC logos, security logos, all 100% authentic. No wonder some people end up getting taken!

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