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    .jpg in a form/report

    Is there a way to show and print a .jpg in a form/report in Access 2000? I can get .tiff and .bmp to come in but not .jpg. Is this format not supported by the boys (and girls) up in Redmond?

    Thanks - Kendall

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    Re: .jpg in a form/report

    I was able to open one (a .jpg file) up in a form in Access 2000. In design view make sure you chose the correct tool to insert an object.


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    Re: .jpg in a form/report

    Oops! Maybe I didn't make myself clear. I want to set this up as an OLE object for data. I have a directory of people that I want their picture which is in .jpg format to come across on the form. I can get it to recognize the file but it doesn't show me the picture - just an icon representing the picture. Also, on printouts, the picture does not print out.

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