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    Importing Selected Macros and Not

    This request is related to my previous post on templates. I am migrating from Word 97 to Word 2000. The in Word 97 had problems I 'tolerated' but do not want to import. Somewhere in that version of Word are some macros I would like to import. How do I go about looking for them? Is there a way to find them (and the buttons I created for some of them on a toolbar?)

    I discovered that I cannot boot from the drive I now call D: using my new machine because the operating system is 'tuned' to the old machine on which it was installed. I hate the thought of resurrecting the old box to do a task I should have performed before I shut it down. I now realize that had I opened all of the macros I wanted to save in the macro editor and then saved them as Word documents, I could use copy and paste to recreate them in Word 2000.

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    Re: Importing Selected Macros and Not


    Use Windows Explorer to find the old
    Rename it "".
    Then right-click and Open this file.
    You can then transfer the code modules and toolbars from to your new, using the Organizer.
    Alternatively once the file is open you can Alt+F11 to go to the VB Editor and locate the old macros that way.


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