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    File Open but not Visible (2003/(11.5614.5606))


    I have a database that when double-clicked in a Windows Explorer window, does not open on screen but still creates an LDB file (ie it shows as a filename in the containing folder).

    A check of Windows Task Manager does not show it as either a "running" application or "not responding".

    Before this happened, I was working on a query in SQL but it is not finished and the form that will eventually use the SQL query has not been linked to it.

    I copied the form and the original table across to my backup copy of the MDB but it refused to show also when I tried to open it.

    Now my backup copy is corrupt with whatever has caused this. To stop this phantom file I have to go to the Processes tab in the Task Manager and kill MS ACCESS.EXE there. Usually after that I can open the file again without problems, but the problem comes back as soon as I compact and close the file.

    Any suggestions or experience with behaviour like this?

    Thanks, Leigh

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    Re: File Open but not Visible (2003/(11.5614.5606))

    For the future: when going back to a backup copy, always make a copy of the backup copy, and use that. Never directly modify the backup copy itself. And usually, a backup copy is used to retrieve a clean copy of an object from it, not to import a corrupt copy of an object into it.

    If you're still able to do so, try to find out whether the table or the form is the culprit (or both), by importing only one of the two into a "clean" database. You may have to reconstruct it.

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