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    Cannot open Excel attachments from e-mail in Outlo (Windows XP 2002 SP1 -

    Application: MS Outlook 97
    Attachment: Excel files


    Until yesterday, I was able to open my Excel file
    attachments from my e-mail.

    However, when I try to open the file, a blank sheet
    appears. Then, when I try to close the file, the
    following message appears: "This system cannot find the
    file specific."

    If I save the file to my hard-drive, I can open the Excel
    file and view the contents of the worksheets. I've
    checked the Task Manager to see if the Excel executable
    has been running (it is not). I've also rebooted my PC,
    but this problem continues to appear.

    * What is causing this problem?
    * How do I resolve it and view my Excel attachments
    through my e-mail?

    Thank you in advance.

    - Amiller

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    Re: Cannot open Excel attachments from e-mail in Outlo (Windows XP 2002 SP

    Outlook saves attachments into a subfolder of Internet Explorer's Temporary Internet Files. I think we recently had a thread about a problem opening/viewing JPG or JPEG attachments. Perhaps the same solutions would help? (Please see if you can locate that thread, it was within the past few months.)

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