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    Send using contacts (Outlook XP)

    HELP ! Suddenly when i try to send an email using my contacts addresses, i get an error "... Relaying denied. IP name lookup failed" and cannot send. I can REPLY without any problems, and can send to myself and receive it, but can't send a new message to anybody else. My provider has sent tests to a couple of contacts direct from their server and that works. the problem is not at the recipients. I have done a 'fix' and reinstalled Outlook and that didn't help.

    I am not a programmer or network specialist so Google has too many technical suggestions. Can somebody please help in 'laymens' terms.
    Many thanks for any help, much appreciated.
    Have a great day!

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    Re: Send using contacts (Outlook XP)

    "Relaying denied" usually means you are trying to use an outgoing mail server that does not recognize you. The two ways that you can be trusted to use an outgoing mail server are: (1) is the ISP to which you are currently connected, or (2) the outgoing server requires you to supply your name and password when sending (there are boxes for this under "More Settings" for the account). Not sure if any of this might be relevant to you. Have you changed ISPs lately? Gotten DSL or cable?

    "IP name lookup failed" sounds like a name resolution error. As you may know, the Internet operates on numeric addresses similar to, and there is a system for converting domains, such as, into their numeric addresses. But this is a very unusual error for a mail server to report back to you. I think I would focus on the relaying denied error first.

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