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    setfocus without selection (97 NL)

    Hello all,

    If I set the focus on a form to an other field, Access will select the contents of that field.
    Is it possible to automaticaly deselect the contents and just put the cursor at the end of the text?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

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    Re: setfocus without selection (97 NL)

    If you would like this as a general setting, select "Go to end of field" in the "Behavior entering field" section of the Keyboard tab of Tools | Options... This is a user-level setting.

    For an individual case, use code like this:
    <pre>With Me.ControlName
    .SelLength = 0
    .SelStart = Len(.Text)
    End With

    where ControlName is the name of the control you want to set focus to (it must be a text box or combo box.)

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