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    ISynchronising between network and offline

    Despite having set up outlook 2000 (SR-1) to synchronise all contact, calendar and task details when off line, if find that there is information missing when I am offline.

    Many of the journal entries are not there and some of the details for the contacts differ if changes were made.

    Does any one else have this problem or know how to correct it properly? The help details are not sufficient or detailed enough to help with this.

    I have a laptop computer for work and home and this makes it difficult to work away from the office when any work done offline does not get synchronised.

    My Cassiopiea had better synchronisayion!

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    Re: ISynchronising between network and offline

    do you have journal set to to sync and are you using a filter to limit what's getting synced? Are you sure you are doing a full a sync before going offline or when coming back online?
    I've never had a problem with details getting synced but i'm not at the machine that gets used offline to check it's settings.

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    Re: ISynchronising between network and offline


    I have tried your suggestion and found that there were no filters in place.

    I really think it is an issue for being off line and having a laptop where you use the software without necessarily logging on

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