Hi All,

2 questions:

1. Is there a way to take the list of names (/email addrs) on a To (or CC line) and create a new group list? Keep in mind that what one may see on the To list is a set of names (with the email addrs "hidden") or a set of email addresses only. I tried the following but came up a bit short:
- selected, copied, pasted the items in the To line to Word
- did a replace in Word to put each item on its own line
- converted text to table
- selected, copied, pasted the table to excel starting at row 2
- added a 1st row header in excel
- in Outlook, created a new folder of contacts - call it Vendor List
- imported the excel table into Outlook

When all was said and done, I was able to select the folder "Vendor List" as my source of addresses when creating a new email but there were no names in it (completely blank). Yet when I looked in the folder, I saw the names (but no email addresses).

2. Is it possible to create a single dist list where some names are used on the To line and others are used on the cc line?