I have a document that uses Heading 1,2,3 styles so that headings are numbered 1,2,3 etc in the main body of the document. In the appendices I use Heading 4 so that I can have a different numbering: A,B,C etc so I get Appendix A, Appendix B etc.

My table captions use the chapter number option in the numbering so in the main body I get Table 1.1, Table 1.2, Table 2.1, Table 2.2 etc.

I want my table captions in the Appendix to refer to the Heading 4 style so that I get Table A.1, Table A.2 etc. However, if I change the numbering format for a caption in the Appendix, it changes the numbering format of all tables in the document to use Heading 4 as the chapter number.

Would appreciate if anyone knows how to get around this. My Appendices are separated from the main document by section breaks but this seems to make no difference.

I am using Word 2000SP1 on Win98