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    Strange Behaviour (Word 2K)

    Recently, my Word app has been misbehaving. When I attempt to apply some formatting to a specific word or paragraph, it applies the formatting to the whole document. Then, if I hit the "undo" button, it reverses everything but the change I wanted right from the beginning. I have no idea what's causing this. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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    Re: Strange Behaviour (Word 2K)

    I would guess that the Normal style has been set to Automatically update.
    - Select Format | Style...
    - Make sure that the Normal style is selected.
    - Click Modify...
    - Clear the check box labeled "Automatically update".
    - Tick the check box labeled "Add to template".
    - Click OK.
    You may want to check other styles for "Automatically update" too.

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