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    I am using styles more and more for my documents. If in mid document production, I decide that the style needs to be changed or "tweaked to suit" I currently goto each occurence of that style in the text to update it by reapplying the style, to reflect the change made. Is there a way to globally update the document to take into account this style tweak?



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    Re: Styles


    First off, using styles is definitely a good idea.

    When you say that you're tweaking the style, I'm interpreting this to mean that you're applying direct formatting to a particular paragraph, to modify the formatting provided by the style itself.

    If you're happy with the 'locally' tweaked formatting and want that change to be made to the style globally, there is a shortcut:

    Select (highlight) the name of the style that appears in the little style window (just above the style names dropdown menu.
    Then Enter.
    A Modify Style dialog will appear on the screen.
    Note that the "Update the style to reflect recent changes" option is selected - if you click on OK (or Enter), this will redefine the definition for that style throughout the entire document.

    A note of warning: never check that box that says "Automatically update the style from now on" - that way madness lies!<g>

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Styles

    The joy of styles and updating or changing the style is that you only have to do it once, and, actually, you don't even have to have the Update Automatically box checked. There are two ways you can update your styles: (1) Turn on your document map (if using the heading styles) and go to the location of the style needing a tweak. Update the style as needed, click on apply or close when done. This should automatically update your style throughout the document. (2) At the beginning of the document, or anywhere in the document for that matter, you can go to Format > Styles and click on the style that needs tweaking, when done tweaking, click on close, this should update your style throughout the document. It's as simple as that. The Automatic Update is something I turn off completely and never use because, as we all know with Word, it sometimes thinks for us at the worst possible time. The Automatic Update is like that. Also, there are time when you want to apply manual formatting to a style that won't appear in the other part of the document, however, you don't want to create a separate style. By having the Automatically Update checked, that manual formatting will then be updated throughout the document.

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