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    Permissions (2003)


    I am trying to share a folder with a colleague and it's not working. When I share mail folders its ok but it doesn't work for any contacts or calendar folders. Yet if try to share these folders with other colleagues it's fine. I am giving Reviewer Permission to the colleague and they are adding my Mailbox to their folder list and not seeing the Contacts folders.

    Is there something particular causing this - is it possible to stop sharing folders to indvidual users at some other level than Permissions? Or is there something I can check which is causing it not to work.

    Many thanks, Laurie

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    Re: Permissions (2003)

    Are the accounts on the same exchange server? If not you are in trouble and will not be able to share the folder. This is a "by design" feature of outlook and is covered in the knowledge base - I can send you the link if you like

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