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    XP Speed ?, from novice (xp 2002)

    I tried defrag, chkdsk, have no idea what speedsk does. How can I maximize performance. I want to be able to launch programs at a quicker rate.
    598 Mhz
    128 MB of RAM
    Compaq presorryo, System is FAT 32
    c: 11.63 GB free
    d: 647 mb free of 1.94 GB
    I know it may be a little out dated, but it isa all I have for the moment

    Thank you

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    Re: XP Speed ?, from novice (xp 2002)

    First suggestion: get more RAM. 128MB is barely enough to run XP, and almost certainly accounts for any slowness you have. 256 should be a minimum, 512 is optimal. Check Crucial for memory.

    SpeedDisk does the same thing as disk defrag, it's simply Symantec's brand name for their defragmenting tool.

    You may also want to consider trimming whatever is running at startup. Search the Lounge for plenty of information on this, it is a well discussed topic. Don't forget to look at your services configuration, either.

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