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    Firmware update as firewall? (Tiscali / Zyxel)

    I am about to select an ADSL provider and am considering Tiscali, which is big here (in the Netherlands) and has the best rates. I want to connect two computers, not wirelessly (both are desktop machines), and several Loungers have advised using a network card in each computer and connecting directly from the modem rather than via Windows Internet Connection Sharing or a full-fledged network.

    I want to use both hardware and software firewalls. Tiscali's multi-PC ADSL modem includes a router but not a firewall. They say that one can download firewall "firmware" from the site of the modem manufacturer (Zyxel) for this purpose. Is this easy to do, and does it sound like a good solution? If not, should 1) pick another provider or 2) sign up without Tiscali's modem and buy an ADSL modem that includes a router and a firewall? In the latter case, is it relatively unproblematic to configure the modem?

    (I also have a Dell "TrueMobile 2300 Wireless Broadband Router, but it does not seem to include a firewall.)

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    Re: Firmware update as firewall? (Tiscali / Zyxel)

    Sorry fpr being confused about this, but you have been in a <!post=long thread here,378632>long thread here<!/post>, with a lot of good suggestions. You didn't really need a new thread to ask another question, and it looks like the same topic. So, I would check that referenced web site to be SURE there is firmware for upgrading their product with a hardware firewall. If not, there are other products (especially routers) that DO include a firewall. The process of upgrading most firmware is not difficult, but as with motherboards, it's important to follow the installation instructions very carefully. It is possible for a mistake to cripple a product.

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