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    Brio application and Excel (2000)

    Anyone heard of an application called Brio? Apparently it is a reporting tool that uses Javascript functions to create cascading drop-downs within reports. A company I'll be working with want to use Excel instead and need to know if Excel can replicate this feature? Doesn't Excel's Pivot Table(s) and the Page(s) area duplcate this feature?

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    Re: Brio application and Excel (2000)

    Brio was taken over by Hyperion last year; see here, and the software is now called Hyperion ... instead of Brio ...

    I'm not familiar with it myself. From a quick Google, my impression is that the Brio/Hyperion software is more database/data mining oriented than Excel. You will probably not be able to emulate all features in Excel, so it really depends on what the company expects.

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