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    Outlook in two domains using win2k (2k)

    I have a domain at work which does not have any type of outlook services. In order to get e-mail you must double click on the outlook icon, and log into another domain and view your e-mail there. For some time now when you attempt to log into the other domain it says "Log on credentials are incorrect" This only happened to a couple of different users at first, but then it gradually hit everyone. I have tried reseting passwords, accounts, and typing the IP for the exchange server but you get the same error. I would appreciate any help I could get, thanks.

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    Re: Outlook in two domains using win2k (2k)

    Sheesh, this should be automatic (esp. with an Active Directory architecture). I think you all need to complain collectively to your network administrators to get their act together so that whatever domain you're in is automatically trusted to access the Exchange server. I mean, isn't e-mail a mission-critical service at your company??

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