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    Listnum field resists font format

    I'm wondering if anyone can explain this...

    My Heading 1 paragraph style is formatted for all caps. The list numbering is in cardinal text (e.g, "PAGE ONE"). Yet, when I enter a LISTNUM field in that paragraph (even with the L1 switch), the text is rendered as upper and lower case (e.g., "PAGE ONE & Two").

    I've tried adjusting the font on the numbering format dialog, also. No effect.

    Is this an intractable bug, or is there a way around the problem?

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    Re: Listnum field resists font format

    I have not been able to emulate the problem faced by you as explained in your query. However, you could try out this approach.

    Create a character style with default para font + all caps as attributes. Then apply the Char style to the ListNum Field.

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