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    Formatting Medium Time (Access 2000)

    When I create a text box combining two control sources, I am having trouble forcing the result to abide by my chosen format. I have two items that when listed alone, show the medium time - 8:00 am. However, when I combine two times, I want it to appear as: 8:00 am - 10:00am. Unfortunately, it appears as: 8:00:00am - 10:00:00am. Everywhere I look, it says the format is Medium Time. How do I force the combined control sources to appear correctly? This is the formula I am using to combine the two sources: =[Provider Start]&" - "&[Provider End] Please help, and Thank you.

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    Re: Formatting Medium Time (Access 2000)

    If you concatenate expressions, the Format property of the text box has no effect on the dates any more, because the result of the concatenation is a text string, not a date. You will have to put the formatting into the expression:

    =Format([Provider Start], "Medium Time") & " - " & Format([Provider End], "Medium Time")

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