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    ListView Control repositions (Excel10)

    I have a listview control on page 3 of a multipage control. I add items to the listview control from page 1 and those items get correctly added; however, after doing so the listview control gets repositioned on to the top left corner of page 3. I have tried moving it back to its original position after items are added but that failed to work. Even while the listview control is in the top left corner, the top and left properties indicate erroneous values of 54 and 183.

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    Re: ListView Control repositions (Excel10)

    There is a problem in the way the tab/multipage control and the listview (and treeview) control interact. If you refer to a listview or treeview on one tab page from another tab page, the listview/treeview jumps to the upper left corner of the form, or becomes blank, or both. There does not seem to be a fix for this, although some people have reported that old versions of MSComCtl.ocx (the file that provides the functionality of the listview and treeview controls) do not exhibit this behavior. So you must either avoid referring to the listview control from other tab pages, or avoid this combination of controls.

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