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OK when I use this like:

oMessage.Attachments.Item(lCounter).SaveAsFile sSavePath & .Item(lCounter).FileName

and the file being saved happens to be infected with some bad stuff, the Virus Checker, in my case Norton Anti virus 2003, will fire with a message and some times the attached file will be deleted by the Anti virus.

So, the line will fail because the file can't be saved after its deleted.

So I added this:

On Error Resume Next
oMessage.Item(lCounter).SaveAsFile sSavePath & .Item(lCounter).FileName
lErrorNum = Err.Number
If lErrorNum <= 0 Then
lErrorNum = 0
End If

(Sorry need to learn how to write the code so that it will be readable)

I am using this < or = to 0 because in the immediate window I was seeing error numbers like:

-1560870910 and

but some were not 10-digit long, but all of them were negative numbers.

Am I opening a Pandora's chest?

What would be a better way to deal with this issue?